What to Expect

hello beautiful people,

I want to give people an idea of what to expect.  Expect some good conversation and ideas, a place where I’ll post photos of some of my cooking and recipes and help people with any questions they have.  Feel free to share seasonal menu ideas or suggestions.

foodsheds top 2014 (6 of 66)
a young piglet at Tara Firma Farms

Also, expect to see many topics discussing permaculture design applied to kitchen / garden systems. From zones to elements in a pkitchen, inputs and out
puts, regenerative holistic design, water systems, waist systems, fermentation and preservation systems, etc.

As time goes on, expect to see a seasonal calendar of menus emerge as we get in tune with the seasons and what’s ripe, a process that takes a couple of years of eating seasonally.

pkitchen foodsheds (194 of 254)
yearly seasonal dungeons crab boil at the local larder crab shack

As we discuss what to cook and how to cook it, we will also dabble in healthy, nutrient dense foods, traditional cooking methods and a lot of Weston A. Price style cookery.  How to bring out nutrition and flavor in our food to create simple yet satisfying dishes that have a sense of time and place.  How to preserve using 12 different forms of preservation.  Also, expect the cooking basics from knife skills to frying, sautéing, steaming, etc. The fundamentals of a cooks techniques that will give you a solid base to delicious meals at the table.
You can also expect to see many photos.  As a photographer, I shoot foodsheds, the people, the  farmers, the animals, the restaurants, the cooks, etc. Where our food comes from.  Not just photos of my local food shed, but also photos from my work nationally and abroad.  From photoessays of recipes and techniques to places I visit and projects I work on, it’ll all be captured here in lovely photos which I have taken over the last decade to be able to do so.

Videos, yes videos.  I began filming my classes and workshops last year and now have a lot of material to go through and edit.  Material I can post here for everyone to see.  Videos that cover everything from pig butchery to kimchi to nutritional bone broths.  The first ones are already up.

foodsheds top 2014 (39 of 66)
home butchery of sustainable fish like mackerel, sardines and other delicious hella cheap options is a good start

workshops a plenty.  This so at the heart of what I do, workshops on every aspect our local food sheds and at home food preparation.  I will post the announcements here so people who live in the greater Bay Area can come and get hands on experience in all facets of home cooking.
so, that’s recipes, techniques, developing nutrition and flavor, photo and video lessons, workshops and explorations, questions answered and  a community of like minded people to learn with.  That is what you should expect. Essentially what is coming is a complete introduction to cooking.  An online cooking school, if you will, that will roll out over then next 12 months.  Yea, so as more material gets up, and morel people join in the conversation, and as things heat up, this is gonna get freakin’ awesome. Expect freakin’ awesome!

What else to expect?  Expect the unexpected,

because, I am still,

seth peterson


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