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Seth Peterson’s passions are teaching, cooking, and permaculture.

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As a second generation urban gardener living in the heart of Berkeley, my love of gardening is a natural extension of my love of food, of both cooking and eating in community, a love passed on to me from my mother.

My passion for teaching is fueled by fourteen years in Latin America, where I taught English and business.

Since returning to the Bay Area eight years ago, I have dedicated myself to cooking in top East Bay restaurants as well as exploring the local foodshed from Fort Bragg to Santa Cruz.

I combine my twin passions, teaching and cooking, with my experience, to bring real local food to real people, reconnecting them to their local food shed and giving them the knowledge and the skills to prepare good food using traditional cooking techniques that are both healthy and delicious.



Seth Peterson

a permaculture chef




4 thoughts on “About Seth

    1. Hey Joan, I’ve been watching the photos or your pastry coming out of your kitchen and can barely contain myself, it looks so delicious ! I can taste it. I’ll have to come by and do the real thing.


  1. Hey there, a fellow student mentioned your name to me. We are in our PDC right now at Mastadon Valley Farm in Wisconsin. I am set to go to Blue Hill at Stone Barns to do my externship after Le Cordon Bleu in January but now that I have discovered you, perhaps you might be a better mentor. Any interest?


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