PAST EVENT : Backyard Mushroom Cultivation, at Pollinate Farm & Garden Store Saturday, March 5th, 2017, 11am – 2pm

pkitchen-short-253-of-325Wouldn’t it be great if you could grow and harvest edible mushrooms in your backyard? The good news is you can, and many people do.

Edible mushrooms like shiitake, oysters, garden giant and more can be cultivated and grown at home either in your back yard or even in your kitchen.  With a few simple methods we can inoculate cardboard, hay and logs with mycelium that will grow, until eventually, it matures and produces edible mushrooms, it is a very easy process that anyone can learn and do regularly.

foodsheds-4-of-66Here is your chance to dive into the magical world of fungi. They are delicious, nutritious and, quite frankly, they might even save the world. Many fungi are known for their healing properties both as medicine for humans but also for the planet. They help plants uptake nutrients, clean-up toxic waste, sequester carbon, fight off diseases, compost entire clear cuts and a host of other uses.

In this class, we’ll focus on growing edible mushrooms at home.


We’ll learn which mushrooms can be most easily cultivated at home both indoors and out, the difference between spores and spawn and what materials different mushrooms thrive on. In this hands-on workshop, we will learn about mushroom ecology and fungi life cycles and then we will apply this knowledge directly, making mushroom kits for participants to take home.  We’ll explore a range of growing substrates such as straw, cardboard, coffee grounds, wood chips and logs. And then we will practice two methods, hydrogen peroxide and heat pasteurization to make our take home kits.




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