PAST WORKSHOP Home Made Sausage from Scratch, April 27th, 2016

From simple to complex, the art and science of making sausage is a basic kitchen skill that anyone can acquire.  Get past cooking shows & cookbooks, get past supermarket meat & all the jargon and high prices, and go directly to the source, buying good local pork and making your own. We learn the art of sausage confection, hands on, in community.  We will break down and then grind are pork into fresh sausage as we learn the ins and outs of ‘building the emulsion’ that makes for tender juicy deliciousness.  After tasting tour fresh sausage, and correcting othe flavors, we will go on to make sausage links by hand for people to take home to enjoy the fruits of their new skill.  Each class covers sourcing animals, knife safety, hands on butchery as well as the recipes and techniques to put to use with your delicious bounty of take home fresh house made sausage. but most importantly, we will learn the how to and the why of traditional cooking wisdom as we reclaim and rebuild our foodshed.


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First, we learn a little about the history as well as some basic knife safety. Then, we will walk through making sausage step by step, as a group, with hands on experience for everyone.  Learn how to source very well raised animals, locally, and discuss great recipes to use with sausage from smoked sausage to duck and sausage cassoulet.


From the actual butchering to cooking and tasting, this class and series is very hands on and designed to give people the ability to get started in their home kitchens right away.



$40 – $80 sliding scale, Plus $10 materials fee 

We designed the sliding scale structure to make the class affordable to more people, with the hope that we come out with a reasonable sum to reward expertise, time and, labor as well as cover costs.  Because it is an honor system, I strongly urge you to be as generous as you can, in order to honor those of us who put work into making this event happen. As a guideline, I’d say that the bottom-end of the scale is for folks who have little to no budget for dining out regularly; the top end of the scale is for those who regularly spend more than $40 when dining out. If both extremes describe you (or if neither describes you), please pay somewhere in the middle.


Class will be held at a South Berkeley Home, address to be given upon registration

To sign up for this workshop, The Whole Lamb: Community Meat Buy and Butchery, Tuesday April 26th, 2016, from 6:30-9:30 pm, go to the Institute of Urban Homesteading website, check the calendar to make sure there are still spots available, and then go to the registration page to sign up online.

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Home Sausage Production



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