PAST EVENT : Pig Cookery Workshop Sat 11/7 & Community Pig Roast Sun 11/8, 2016

Who is ready to learn all about pork butchery and cookery?


The Poetry of Pork: This Saturday, Nov 7th.  Pig Cookery Workshop

A hands on workshop covering pig butchery, curing, brining, smoking and roasting a whole hog Sat 7th @ your Local Larder

We will be preparing a 200 lb hog for a celebration on Sunday.  This means I’ll be butchering, brining, smoking, roasting, curing and preserving a large amount of swine in community.  Come to this workshop on Saturday and learn the ins and outs of pig cookery hands on.  The menu options are wide and will surely include: smoking a brined ham, making a porchetta, curing bacon, roasting bone in and skin on for crunchy delicious chicharron covered juicy pork perfection.  What about sausage?

Kids who want to learn butchery, hands on, come free.

Let’s take your cooking to the next level this Saturday afternoon, Nov. 7th, at my place in the heart of Berkeley.  Sliding scale $30 – $80. Worktrade and scholarship available. Contact me to sign up for this workshop at

AND you get a ticket to the…

The Last Pig Roast of the Year, on Sunday, Nov. 8th, at the football house.

We are cooking up a whole hog at the football house for an all day pig roast potluck, with kegs of beer, live music and a ton of friends.  A great good bye to the warm weather as the rains return.  Everyone is invited and it’s only $20 for pig and beer.  It’s potluck so bring a favorite dish to eat together!

Pig roast event on facebook

it doesn’t get any better than this,


Butchery Lessons
Young Butchery

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