PAST EVENT : Come Make a Food Forest and share a Full Moon Feast for Day of the Dead this Saturday Oct 31st and Sunday Nov 1st

IMG_6870Howdy Beautiful People,
This weekend, I am having a Full Moon Garden Work Party and Feast on Saturday to get together and celebrate each other, the Fall season, and a full Day of the Dead celebration, both the work party and Day of the Dead feast will continue on Sunday as well if you want to come by then.

Garden Work Party and Free Workshop on Urban food Forests:  

Saturday from 10 am – 6 pm

Learn Urban Food Forest Gardening hands on by doing.  We will make swales to capture water for a food forest and learn how to make and plant out hugelbeds. If there is interest we can do some edible mushroom cultivation, etc.  All levels of interest and ability and ages are welcome, because at a garden party, you need some people to dig, others to help, some people to plant, other to play music or play with the kids, and many hands make light work.  Of course, kids are welcome, and there will be activities for them as well.

Full Moon Feast for Day of the Dead Potluck:  

Saturday from 4 pm – 9 pm

Please do RSVP by text or email so I know what to expect and can plan accordingly, I hope to see a bunch of you come through this weekend to spend some time, eat some food, learn some urban gardening skills and strengthen the ties that bind us.

I’ll make a large pot of Pozole, as well as traditional vegan rice and beans to share with everyone, and I invite people to bring any dish of your preference to share, and bring your own bowl or plate to eat with if you can.  As is traditional in some parts of Mexico, I will have my Day of the Dead Altar set up and food to share all weekend, so, people are encouraged to stop by at some point this weekend, to pay their respects to our ancestors, leave photos of deceased relatives on the altar, light a candle, and share a bite to eat with friends and family.

Feliz Dia de los Muertos!


Eating in Community
Eating in Community

Cob Balls



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