PAST EVENT : Fungi Cultivation Workshop, Sunday, Oct 25th


Hey Beautiful People,

who is interested in learning about simple backyard mushroom cultivation?

I have been asked to teach a Backyard Mushroom Cultivation Workshop, this Sunday October 25 1-5pm.

There are still a few spots left in this class, so, if you want to sign up, all the info is below.

I can also accept one person for work trade or scholarship, so if you want to apply for that position just email me with a short paragraph about your interest in funghi.

Location: Berkeley
Cost: $40-70 sliding scale
Dive into the magical world of Fungi. They are delicious, nutritious–they might even save the world! Mushrooms are known for their healing properties both as medicine for humans but also for the planet. They help plants uptake nutrients, clean-up toxic waste, compost entire clear cuts as have a host of other uses. In this class we’ll focus on growing mushrooms, homestead-style! We’ll learn which mushrooms can be most easily cultivated at home both indoors and out, the difference between spores and spawn and what materials different mushrooms thrive on. We’ll explore a range of growing substrates such as straw, cardboard, coffee grounds, wood chips and logs. Working with either oyster, shiitake or wine cap mycellium, students will then make starter kits to take home.

registration @ http://

image image  image


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