This weekend I, have the pleasure of working with Aaron Lucich of Holistic Ag and, Guido Frosini of True Grass Farms,and Local Permaculture Chef, Jay Holocek.  We are cooking at a kitchen in the woods that they put up and professionally equipped.

the community table is ready.

 We are cooking some of the best pasture fed, holistically raised beef and pork to be found around the Bay Area.

A long table of happy, well fed, people.

  A professional kitchen in the woods…

Chef Jay Holocek making pâtés

The temporary kitchen, which they put up a couple of days ago is quite professional with a reach in fridge, tables and speed racks, a three part sink, a solid floor, a propane tank for the wolf stove and a DIY greywater system with a grease trap.

Unfortunately, we do have a portapotty onsight, due to regulations.  Sure would be nice to have a composting toilet set up.

The next step is to permaculture the setup with natural building materials, a haybox cooker/coolers, a rocket stove, solar cookers and maybe solar panels on the roof, but also a brine barrel, a salami closer, crocks of fermented veg., etc.

I also have the idea to build a second, smaller, portable one with wheels or skids.  A harvest and processing kitchen that goes into the field at harvest time for on the spot processing of animals and crops. This would make it easy for famers to make value added products from canned veggies or dried herbs to cheese, sausage, salami, and even into medicinals, soaps, and lotions.  The list goes on and on.
Jump at the sun,



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