A Whole Generation Of Permaculture Kids

OK, THIS. IS. BIG! Please, repost or send to any relevant or interested people because,

Tomorrow night we unveil the NEW East Bay Permaculture Guild with a special event:

Home schooling, Unschooling, and Permaculture Schooling with the whole Powers family.

Join us at A Place for sustainability, this Monday evening, for a Family Permaculture Night at the Easy Bay Permaculture Guild and bring your kids. We’ll be making clay seed balls, trading seeds, and talking about Home schooling, Unschooling, and Permaculture Schooling with Matt Powers, author of The Permaculture Student and founder of Permaculture Life School, & his family. See links at the bottom for more info.

That’s right, this Monday evening at the East Bay Permaculture Guild we have a family of guest speakers, the Powers family who are not only permaculture practitioners, but also teachers. Matt powers has taught permaculture to children at home and in schools, and through this experience developed a program for kids. I met Matt Powers, while I was in Montana with some extra time, I offered to look over a permaculture kids book he had written for teaching kids permaculture, something he had been doing for a while. It was great idea and a great book.

“Think about that a permaculture book for kids,” Matt told me.

I finally met Matt and his son James at the Permaculture Voices II conference in San Diego this year; we were both giving short presentations, his on teaching kids permaculture and his book, which has now been successfully crowdfunded and will soon be published, and, in multiple languages. That is so awesome, in a world where Monsanto is writing children’s books for mainstream education it gives me literal goosebumps. And… This book is only the first one.

“Think about a whole generation of kids raised on permaculture, a whole generation raised with a much deeper connection to and understanding of our ecology, one that far surpasses ours” explained Matt.

Now what? it seems that next step is setting up the permaculture school. And that is exactly what the Powers family are doing, they are moving to the Sebastopol area to start a permaculture school for children at the Permaculture Skills Center with Erik Olsen!

Want to know more? Then come on down to the guild meeting at a Place for sustainable living this Monday night and bring the kids. We will have discussion time with the Powers family to learn more as well as some hands on whole family activities for kids and adults. We will be making clay seed balls for people to bring home so bring some seeds for the fun.

GUEST SPEAKER The Powers Family

Together We Go Further
Together We Go Further

TOPIC Homeschooling, unschooling, permaculture schooling.
HANDS-ON ACTIVITY Make clay seed balls, do a small seed exchange.
When? Tomorrow, Monday the 13th at 7pm

Where? A Place http://aplaceforsustainableliving.org

What to bring? Seeds, a potluck item to share, children and enthusiasm!
This is going to be a very special evening,
I’ll be cooking something up to share,
I hope to see a bunch of you there.

Jump at the sun,

Seth Peterson


Here are some Links about the Powers work:

Here is the current indiegogo campaign, with some great rewards for parents while also supporting the new school

Here is the a great video about the whole project

Hear Matt Powers’ podcast with Geoff Lawton
An interview I did with Matt and James at PV2:


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