Happy Interdependence Day! a few 4th of July Pig Shares still available

Taking groups of neighbors and reaching out to good local farmers for the community buying of local, well raised whole hogs and lambs to butcher and share is another piece in the puzzle of reselling ourselves, as well as rebuilding and regenerating our local foodsheds.

So, that’s what we do here at the house,



piggie & people (1 of 1)


So, it’s that time, when, monthly, we procure a fine swine, and it’s from DG Langley Farms this time, one that has been raised right by ranchers, the same who purvey rabbits to lambs to the Bay Area’s bestest eateries.  We then butcher and divide that large porcine treat, which weighs 186 lbs., this time, into hocks and double chops, roasts & rounds, bellies, trotters and the like.  That is all divvied up into 10 lbs shares of assorted cuts that are $50 a piece.

We do it, hands on, in community, and a fun time is had by all.

Butchery in Community
Butchery in Community

This month, since its the 4th coming up, Sylvia and I wanted to make it easier for our friends and neighbors to get healthy local meat for your friends and families, so we got an extra large pig and have some extra, at our group price.

Thus, whoever so wishes to procure some of the sweetest swine, freshest hog, I am talking, the some of the very best pig available,

let me know how much you want, with great haste,

Pick up’s, here, at my place,

chad and pig (1 of 1)

And at our group price of $5 per lb., it’s the best option around,

Oh, yes, cuts are’ll bone in, with both fat on, and skin,

So, yeah, we are talking about more flavorful Weston A. Price style nutrition,

Not to mention exquisite, perfect cooking conditions,



pork kraut greens at base camp (1 of 2)


So, do RSVP right away, to get in,

‘Cause pick-ups 6 – 8pm,

And, oh yes, there’ll be grilling’.

Tomorrow, Wednesday July 1st,

My place,



Happy Interdependence Day,

Seth Peterson




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