VIDEO RECIPE: Headcheese

It seems that people either love or hate headcheese, but made right, and right at home, it is so scrumptiously delicious.  And, it is such a great use of the head.  Alternatively, in stead of a head cheese, the brined and simmered head can go into a stew, or pozole, for example.  Other flavor profiles can be added to make this the base for ramen, birria, chili, etc.

And to make the gelatin to make headcheese.

These videos were made possible by…

Thank you Raleigh Latham, the excellent videographer who made these videos and got them edited.

All of the video was shot on location at Paul Wheaton’s Base Camp kitchen in Montana, thanks Paul and Jocelyn for all the support including on

I am trying to figure out how to included the recipes in PDF format and will do so shortly

Seth Peterson

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