PERMACULTURE: The Local Larder teams up and dives deep with a most excellent crowd at Permaculture Voices 2

Hey folks,


Kelly Ware interview on faith and permaculture

Ari Paz interview gets mycological for a min

Shiovan interview diving into a new world

also check out where Cassie interviews Maddy Harland on her universe and more


I just got back from the Permaculture Voices 2 (PV2) conference in San Diego, which is an excellent event, and I am a huge fan.  Diego not only puts on the whole yearly conference, he also puts online excellent free videos and does a great permaculture voices podcast, where he interviews many of the great permaculture heroes of our times, our models and our mentors.  So, there is a large archive of excellent material from the last two years talking indepthly to many of the greats of Permaculture in our time.

Thank you Diego, you rock!

Diego has done a lot to professionalize the conference and bring in a more diverse crowd from business people to academics from various fields but also hands in the dirt urban and rural farmers as well as hard core permaculture practitioners and designers.  As the biodiversity of people and polyculture of ideas grow, not only at PV2, but also in Permaculture in general and in our society as a whole, we will see great rewards.

This year, I teamed up with Cassie Langstraat, one of the current editors over at, and others to do some short informal interviews with a few of the speakers as well as some attendees during the five days PV2 lasted.

Thanks Cassie, you dared to dream!

And what an incredible 5 days it was!  Being in a large temporary intentional community of movers and shakers is very inspiring, so here is a taste of that experience.  I know Diego will be making the recordings available, I don’t know the price, but for some people that is a great low carbon way of having access to so much cutting edge knowledge.  Of course you could just listen to Diego’s free & archived podcast and also join in the conversation over at  And maybe, I will see you there next year.

And finally, a huge shout out and thanks goes out to Paul Wheaton at who got both Diego and Cassie to take me seriously and then supported our tongue and cheek style of changing the world.  Thanks Paul!

Jump at the sun,

Seth Peterson


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